Extron OCS 100C, Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

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The Extron OCS 100C and OCS 100W are ceiling and wall-mount occupancy sensors that provide exceptional coverage using ultrasonic and passive infrared detection technologies. Integrated smart, adaptive software automatically and continuously monitors the environment and adjusts timer settings and sensitivity, providing a lifetime of dependable detection and maintenance-free operation. These occupancy sensors are tested for use, worldwide, and are ideal for any business application where various occupancy-dependent automation scenarios or conscientious energy management are needed.

Key Features

  • Dual technology US - Ultrasonic and PIR - Passive Infrared sensors provide a wide coverage area with excellent detection capabilities
  • Smart, adaptive software automatically and continuously adjusts timer settings and sensitivity, providing a lifetime of maintenance-free operation
  • Non-volatile memory for sensor settings
  • Infrared sensitivity knob helps minimize false triggers
  • Adjustable timer conserves energy
  • Status LED's flash when occupancy is detected

Technical Specifications

Square feet coverage area
2000 square feet
InteliDAPT technology
Auto reset from test setting
Self-adjusting timer
Self-adjusting passive infrared thresholds
Automatic false-on and false-off correction
LED lamp
Red - infrared motion
Green - ultrasonic detection
Timer timeout
OCS 100C: Automatic mode: 8 to 42 minutes (self-adjusts based on occupancy)
Manual mode: 8 to 42 minutes
Test mode: 8 seconds
OCS 100W: Automatic mode: 4 to 30 minutes (self-adjusts based on occupancy)
Manual mode: 4, 8, 15 and 30 minutes
Test mode: 8 seconds
Ultrasonic (US)         
OCS 100C: 4 sensors - 32 kHz output
OCS 100W: 2 sensors - 32 kHz output
Passive infrared (PIR)     
OCS 100C: Dual-element pyrometer and 12-element cylindrical segmented Fresnel lens, integral filter excludes excess PIR energy from sunlight
OCS 100W: Dual-element pyrometer and 12-element cylindrical rugged lens
1 Normally Open and Closed contact, single pole, double throw 500 mA rated at 24 VDC, three-wire isolated relay
Adjustable natural-light override ranges from 1 to 100 foot-candles (10 to 1000 Lux)
Adaptive functions
Learning: 4 weeks for response error conditions, air current adaption and timer optimization
Post-learning occupancy periods: 24-hour circadian occupancy periods learned
Adjustments in post-learning period: Generally occupied periods
Generally unoccupied periods
Digital output
Quantity/type: 2 digital outputs
Connectors: Blue wire = Occupancy only
Gray wire = Occupancy + Photocell
Output voltage range: 0 - 24 VDC
Active high logic control signal with short-circuit protection, open collector when unoccupied
Sensor power input requirements
20-24 VDC, 33 mA nominal
NOTE: If power is supplied by an optional 12 VDC power supply, then use the included PC 1224 to convert 12 VDC to 24VDC.
PC 1224 power requirements
Input: 12 VDC, 1.5 A max
Output: 12 VDC, 1.25 A max / 24 VDC, 75 mA max
Color coded, pre-stripped leads - 6" (15 am) in total length
Operation: +32 to +104 deg F (0 to +40 deg C) / 0% to 95 %, noncondensing
For indoor use only
Convection, no vents
Mounting base provided
Recommended mounting height: 8 feet with a max mounting height of 12 feet
Enclosure type
Enclosure dimensions       
OCS 100C: 4.5" W x 1.4" D, (114 mm W x 38 mm D)
OCS 100W: 2.8" W x 5.5" L  x 2.1" D, (71 mm W x 140 mm x 53 mm D)
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